Night Of Champions Report (Part 1)

Where to start with NFMUKs most recent show – Night Of Champions! The first of two shows of the year saw a fantastic line-up of competitors making this the most competitive NFMUK show so far.

With 4 tickets up for grabs to compete at the GBO Mr and Ms Atlas International in Oklahoma City – if there was ever a time to bring your best and leave nothing to chance, it was now!

Junior Bikini Fitness Model

Winner: Emily Olivia

Emily took the win in the first class of the day displaying flawless posing and a beautiful physique. Emily also received her Pro Status where she would later compete in the evenings Pro Show. This wasn’t a one horse race with Bethan taking 2nd place in only her first ever show. Bethan clearly looked like she belonged on stage with an effortless smile to display her enjoyment on stage. Kimberley took home 3rd place but this wasn’t to be the headline for her first showing with NFMUK as later on the day the real story would soon follow for her.

Junior Men’s Fitness Model

Winner: Will Sanderson

Another tight class was on show but this time with the lads. Will was the standout competitor showcasing great stage presence with splendid condition. Will also received his Pro Status which allowed him access to the evenings Pro Show. Will was definitely pushed as he was up against  a fantastic Josh Jasper. Though Josh only narrowly lost showing fantastic muscular maturity, he would show up in the next class above Fitness Model later in the day. Cameron placed 3rd in only his first show. It is worth nothing – he was the youngest competitor of the day – only 18! Definitely one to watch.

Beginners Bikini Fitness Model

Winner: Monika Nafria

The beginners class is always a busy class – the female class proved this again. Monika took the judges decision despite her first choice being the figure class. Her physique and posing looked great for the fitness model division – proof that though you may fit one class in another federation, it doesn’t mean that is the only class you fit. Monika was awarded her Pro Status. Elena took home 2nd place showing effortless posing while  Torok finished 3rd. It is worth noting that 2nd and 3rd place could have gone either way.

Beginners Men’s Fitness Model

Winner: Prada Scobarr

If the women’s beginners class was competitive – the lads did not disappoint. One of the breakout stars in Prada Scobarr really showed that you do not need to be an experienced competitor to go all the way (more on this later). In the mean time, Prada’s condition, muscularity and posing was going to put him as one of the guys to beat which proved to much for the previous Junior Winner in Will and 3rd Place Junior competitor Cam. Prada was awarded Pro Status.

Masters Men’s  Fitness Model O35s

Winner: Joao Marques

Joao stepped up to take the Masters O35s title. No way is this guy over 35! With his fresh look, strong shoulders, lean condition and just the whole look put him in the top spot. This wasn’t a home run by any stretch – Jay Hogan and Marcel both pushed him to the end. The judges definitely had a tough time with this class with the Top 5 all chopping and changing throughout. Joao, Jay and Marcel all received Pro Status.

Masters Men’s Fitness Model O45s

Winner: Stephen Emuobonuvie

Probably the most inspirational class of the day. Birth certificates checks was needed for these 3 competitors – Over 45??? You have got to be kidding!!! 3 incredible physiques but there could only be one winner. Stephen who missed out in the O35s some how came back even sharper than before taking the title. He really did look fantastic. Marcel finished 2nd was brilliant – great condition and stage presence. Matt Holcroft finished 3rd but this was not a defeat for a top competitor. All 3 competitors were brilliant. A class we won’t forget any time soon. All 3 competitors received Pro Status.

Masters Bikini Fitness Model O35s

Winner: Gemma Jeffries

Where do we start with Gemma! What a competitor. Probably the best stage posing on the day. She really did own the stage. When she stepped up, your eyes were locked on her. Claire and Enikö both fought to the end for 2nd and 3rd place. Gemma and Claire received Pro Status.

Masters Bikini Fitness Model O45s

Winner: Claire Smith

This was our largest O45s class to date. Every competitor on stage deserved a round of applause. Each one was outstanding. Claire Smith who had a stormer of a day took 1st place. An excellent physique, with brilliant stage posing and presence. Oozed confidence and clearly knew how to work the stage. Shoutout to the 3 other competitors – Dawn, Julia and Laila. All 3 were sensational!


Part 2 coming soon…

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