Men’s Muscle


The Men’s Muscle Class is perfect for those who compete in Classic Classes and other Muscle Classes. Here the judges are looking for the more muscular physiques while still showing lean condition with nice stage presence and good symmetry throughout.


  • Open to all ages
  • All Men’s Fitness Categories: Swim Shorts
  • No props or gum are permitted on stage.
  • Lying on the floor is prohibited.
  • No bumping or shoving. Anyone involved in any aggressive behaviour will be disqualified.
  • Competitor numbers to be worn on the left hand-side of your bottoms.


Round 1: I Walk

You will perform 1 pose at the first point followed by 4 poses at the final point which will be closest to the judges in the best light. YOU MUST only do 4 poses. If you exceed this number you will be told to return to the line-up. You don’t have any restrictions with your poses. You are urged to showcase the poses that best suits your physiques.

Round 2: Comparisons (Quarter Turns)

Pose 1: Front Pose

Pose 2: Side Pose Of Choice

Pose 3: Back Pose Open Arm Biceps

Pose 4: Side Pose Of Choice

Pose 5: Front Pose Open Arm Biceps

Pose 6: Abdominals and Thighs

Round 3: 30 Seconds Pose Down (if requested by judges)

Click on the links below for I-Walk examples:

Men’s Muscle Champion – Mustafa