Here you will find upcoming NFMUK events that we will host every year.

Mental & Physical Performance: On & Off The Stage

Sunday 18th August 2019 @ Forest Arts Centre, Walsall

NFMUK are happy to announce our first event we will be holding to fundraise for Mental Health Muscle. This event is only open to 100 attendees and is a MUST ATTEND event. We have guest speakers including Rosie Rascal, Emm Hyndman, Luke Hulme, Darren Farrell, Bex Farrell, Jasmin Jeffery, Rob Whitfield, Aaron Clark, Lucy Superfox, Abbey Willis, Kerry Sexton plus more to announce.

We also have some amazing brands in attendance including Lo Dough, Kompak, Black Ice Bikini, Sanctum Apparel, The Bikini Baker, My Gym Supps, Pro Grips & My Lunch Box Meal Prep will be in attendance.


Why Mindset Matters on Your Journey To & After the Stage with Lucy Superfox

Peak Week  101 with Luke Hulme

Our Mental Health on Social Media with Aaron Clark

Stronger Together with Darren & Bex Farrell

Not Just A Bikini Girl Live with Jasmin Jeffery & Special Guests

10 steps to a champion mindset – “Becoming and Being a Champion in everything you do” with Rosie Rascal

Bikini Live Demo by Emma Hyndman 

Physique Live Demo by Emma Hyndman 

Figure Live Demo by Emma Hyndman


Only Gold and Silver buyers will have a posing group session. Posing groups sessions will be for a max group of 15. Gold and Silver ticket buyers will be communicated what time there posing group sessions are scheduled a week before the event.