Men’s Classic Muscle


Classic Muscle is NFMUKs version of Classic Bodybuilding. Classic Muscle offers competitors to perform a routine while also going through the standard bodybuilding poses. The judges will be looking for the Classic look showcasing great symmetry, flowing physique and full muscles. Men’s Muscle competitors will also be able to compete in this class if they wish. Competitors will be judged on posing as well as physical appearance, in both, individual and comparison rounds. Both rounds will consist of quarter turns and mandatory poses.

25% Condition

5% Marketability

30% Muscularity

15% Stage Presence

25% Symmetry & Shape


Competitors can choose which colour trunks they wish to wear. Music must be provided to NFMUK at least 72hrs before show day. You should also bring a copy of your music on the day. Music must not contain any bad language – if so, we will not play the music.


Round 1: I Walk

You will perform 1 pose at the first point followed by 4 poses at the final point which will be closest to the judges in the best light. YOU MUST only do 4 poses. If you exceed this number you will be told to return to the line-up. You can do any poses you wish.

Round 2: Comparisons (Quarter Turns)

Compulsory  Poses:
• Front Lat Spread
• Front Double Bicep
• Side Chest
• Rear Lat Spread
• Rear Double Bicep
• Side Tricep
• Abdominal and Thigh

Round 3: 60 seconds routine (competitor chooses own music)