Putting the competitors FIRST

Next Fitness Model UK is a new fitness model competition with the aim to give back to the competitors. Prizes for the winners include qualification for international shows, prize money, supplements, photoshoots and sponsorship.
It doesn’t matter if you are a first timer or a seasoned veteran, this is a competition not to be missed supported by some of the biggest brands in the fitness and lifestyle industry. We have created categories to meet all competitors requirements.
We look forward to having you compete with us & giving your a first class experience


Junior Men’s Fitness Model (21 and under)
Masters Men’s Fitness Model (Over 35s)
Masters Men’s Fitness Model (Over 45s)
Open Men’s Fitness Model
Men’s Muscle Model
Beginners Men’s Fitness Model (First timers only)
Tattoo Men’s Fitness Model

Junior Bikini Fitness Model (21 and under)
Masters Bikini Fitness Model (Over 35s)
Masters Bikini Fitness Model (Over 45s)
Toned Bikini Fitness Model
Athletic Bikini Fitness Model
Beginners Bikini Fitness Model(First timers only)
Tattoo Bikini Fitness Model
Fit Mums

Events / Venues

Swansea @ Sony Theatre Bridgend
Sunday 3rd June

Derby @ Woodlands Community School Theatre
Sunday 20th May

Wales @ Sony Theatre Bridgend
Sunday 7th October






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