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Putting the competitors FIRST

NFMUK is the No.1 show for international opportunities & record breaking prizes – all in the name of giving back to the athletes.

In 2020, they’ll be international opportunities up for grabs for athletes where you’ll be able to compete in GBO PRO shows in America, Italy and Holland – this includes flights and accommodation.

In 2018, NFMUK funded 2 athletes to compete at the Atlas International in Texas. In 2019, NFMUK increased that to 9 athletes and in 2020 they’ll be a record breaking 25 athletes qualifying to compete at the 3 GBO PRO show destinations.

NFMUK Night Of Champions (3/5/2020) & NFMUK Super Showdown (25/10/2020)

4 x PRO Overall Winners: Qualify to compete in America

And don’t forget…

If you are lucky enough to qualify to compete at the GBO Atlas International, you will then challenge for your share of the huge prize fund that will be up for grabs. In 2019 the prize fund was $50,000!