Putting the competitors FIRST

NFMUK is the UK’s No.1 show for opportunties and prizes! From 2019, we will be sending out 8 athletes to compete at the GBO Mr and Ms Atlas International show in USA – ALL EXPENSES PAID. Our prizes include sponsorship contracts, supplements, meal prep, clothing, watches, etc. The list goes on and on and on! This is why NFMUK is the No.1 show for prizes – because we aim to give back to YOU, the athlete.

NFMUK aims to keep competing affordable. No more annual memberships or high entry fees. We keep our fees low because we know – without you guys, there is no show.

So you want to compete in America? All you have to do is win the Overall Pro Show or place as the Overall Pro Runner-Up and you will earn your ticket to compete at The Atlas (we cover your flights and hotel) and compete for your share of the $35,000.

Register today to compete at one of our NFMUK shows and join the Team GB squad who will fly out every November for 5 days to compete at The Atlas in USA.